لغة العيون في علم النفس


The language of eyes in psychology One of the important matters that carries with it many different feelings and connotations, so it was said that the eye is the mirror of the soul and reflects feelings and heartbeats. Rather, the matter developed until it was studied in major international universities, after conducting a number of scientific research that mainly depends on the study The personality and its patterns through the eyes, and through the reference site, we will shed light on the gestures of the eyes and the different interpretations that permeate them.

definition of psychology

Psychology in general is defined as a science that depends on a number of documented and confirmed experiments and studies that directly target human behavior and the various biological changes it undergoes. This is of course in addition to its interest in environmental factors and social influences that are clearly and clearly reflected on individual behavior.

Psychology has many departments that mainly aim to serve the human being in general, by helping him understand the different personalities and the extent of their psychological safety. It is limited, because scientists are still navigating its horizons in search of everything that would advance it and make it at the forefront of various sciences.[1]

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The meaning of the language of the eyes

Some may wonder about the pronunciation of the language of the eyes in psychology, and some questions come to mind, on top of which do the eyes have a special language? We can say that the eyes have a sublime language that may be hidden from many people. Voluntary when exposed to a specific situation.

It is through this language that a person’s feelings and feelings can be reached, and that language shows the extent of his annoyance, attraction, or even frustration with what is going on around him. Therefore, they are complementary and supportive of each other to a large extent.

The language of eyes in psychology

We mentioned earlier that psychology relies mainly on human research and experiences, and among those studies is the study conducted by Albert Mehraben, which demonstrated that communication between people depends on only about 7% through words, while 38% depends on the tone of voice. The largest share is for the body language, which reaches 55%, and the language of the eyes in psychology has some important connotations, the most important of which are:

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  • Suddenly widening of the pupil in the eye indicates that the person has just heard good news.
  • As for the retraction of the eyelid with the eyes narrowing or closing a little, it is clear evidence that the person has been sad because of hearing the news that made him sad, and this news is often surprising, meaning that he did not expect to hear it at the present time.
  • As for the repetition of the blinking process more than once and quickly, with the eye widening at an average rate and the pupil inclination to the left, this is strong evidence that the person embraces lying.
  • When complimenting the other party or exaggerating in praise, we find that the wrinkles around the eyes have largely disappeared.
  • And the rise of the lower eyelid to the top, with the synchronization of some tears falling, this is evidence of a state of extreme sadness that led to the emergence of these symptoms.
  • But if a person falls in a state of intense admiration, you see him staring steadily and in a continuous and direct manner at that thing, and the Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him, taught us in that case that a person says “God willing,” for fear that a person will envy the thing in front of him.
  • And if a person relied on fixing with both his eyes on another person, and deliberately watching him back and forth for a period of time and noticeably, this indicates that the love of this person has fallen deeply in his heart.

Eye movements and their implications in psychology

The eyes have important movements and connotations. It is preferable for everyone to be aware of them. A person may be able to lie in the language of the tongue, but he certainly cannot lie in the language of the eyes, so it was said that the eye is truer than the tongue, and during our conversation about the language of the eyes in psychology, we were keen to explain Eye movements and their meanings, which are:

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  • The eyes are wide and raised and the pupils are somewhat protruding, evidence that fear dominates the person.
  • As for looking up with the eyebrows relaxed, it indicates that the person is conducting a contemplative look.
  • As for the pupil’s inclination to one side, it indicates anxiety, especially if the eyes droop more than once, as this indicates anticipation of an intruder or something disturbing.
  • When thinking about something, the eyes look sideways with the brow slightly raised, often focusing on something.
  • As for the eyelid relaxation while focusing on a particular thing, it may be a sign of psychological comfort.
  • And when angry, a rise in the tip of the eyebrow is noted, with focus and attention on the opposite person.
  • As for looking down with a frown, it is a clear indication that this person is going through moments of brokenness and sadness.
  • And tightening around the eye with the rise of the eyebrows by a percentage, evidence of happiness and pleasure.
  • As for the blockage of the eyelids or one of them, or what is known as semi-closed eyes, as well as an incomplete look, it is evidence of fatigue and exhaustion that often appears on the person after his energy runs out.
  • And the simple side look with fixed eyebrows, evidence of love and infatuation.

Personality analysis from the shape of the eyes

After getting acquainted with the language of the eyes in psychology, it may be strange to know that the shape of the eyes may predict very important things about the personality in front of you.

eyes are small

In psychology, small eyes symbolize a person with a very skilled personality, who pays great attention to details, and is often very superior in the scientific field, in addition to that he may find it difficult to deal with strangers emotionally, all this in addition to his need for solitude by himself For long periods, to get to know and precisely define his goals, so some of those around him may see him as an introvert at times.

wide eyes

People with wide eyes are unique people, as diversity and a passion for change is the dominant feature that often distinguishes them.

Eyes of uneven size

Sometimes a person may have two eyes that are not equal in size, and this is something very unique and different, and people with this trait, have an unusual look, and very different ways of interpreting things, in addition to their distaste for monotony and routine, so You see them always following the new trends and wearing exotic costumes.

deep eyes

As for the deep eyes, they indicate a hesitant personality, tending to isolation and love of solitude mostly, and their owners do not look forward to establishing emotional relationships, and they act in complete secrecy, because they see that the beauty of things lies in being secret and mysterious, and they also see that clear things It looks unattractive.

bulging eyes

Although bulging eyes are not liked or accepted by most people, as they often give an unattractive appearance to their owner, their owners enjoy remarkable enthusiasm and a tendency to break habits and routine, this is of course in addition to their ability to establish multiple relationships and rejuvenate activity, and is considered People with bulging eyes are the strongest and most creative people.

eyes that tilt upwards

Eyes that tend to the top are known as cat eyes, and often the person who has those eyes knows what he has to do in his life, and he prefers to walk on well-thought-out plans and does not ask too much of others, because he knows your goal specifically and knows how to reach it in the least time Possible, in addition to the fact that the owners of those eyes have received remarkable attention from psychologists during their study of the language of eyes in psychology.

eyes that tilt downward

They are the eyes whose owner is dominated by pessimism and misery, and sometimes he may appear depressed, and these eyes symbolize people who find in themselves helplessness and cannot extend a helping hand to others, although these people may have a high taste and woo The unnoticeable.

close eyes

As for the close eyes in the language of eyes in psychology, they are the eyes that indicate that the owner looks at the details and cares about them a lot, as he tends to the routine and does not want to renew, and sometimes we find that these people suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder or some mental illnesses. other.[2]

Character analysis of the line

Analysis of personality from theories in psychology

Sometimes people depend on analyzing personalities through the looks of different eyes, and for the importance of the matter, it was necessary to make him a share when we talk to you about the language of eyes in psychology, and the personality can be analyzed through looks as follows:

  • strong outlook It is this view that indicates that its owner has an independent and strong personality, but at the same time he appreciates the circumstances of others and cares about their feelings.
  • sleepy look: It is sometimes called the withered eye, and often foretells of a person with a shaky personality, even if he tries to show the opposite.
  • good outlook: It is the look that sits on the throne of all other looks, because its owner is very popular, and it emanates from two bright and clear eyes.
  • Broken view: It is a look that indicates the exhaustion and fatigue that a person suffers from, and its owner is characterized by being dispersed by a large percentage and tending to be somewhat sad.
  • Elusive look: The owner avoids looking directly into the eye of the person in front of him, so he called his look evasive, and often this look occurs because of the extreme shyness of the owner.
  • Close view: It is also called a dreamer, and its owner is characterized as a dreamy personality and aspiration for the best, even if his capabilities are limited and he does not reach his goal.

Signs of the language of the eyes in silent love

The function of the eyes does not depend only on vision, but rather it is considered a messenger that transmits the most important messages to the other party, especially in the case of true love and silent love. Therefore, it was necessary, while talking about the language of eyes in psychology, to indicate the most important signs that appear on the eyes in the case of love. silent, which are:

  • The widening of the pupils of the eyes just by looking at the beloved is one of the most important signs of love or silent love.
  • If the widening is accompanied by the appearance of a smile on the gap, or the facial features change to joy, then there is definitely a state of love of the first kind.
  • The eyes also send messages of reassurance and comforting glances to the other party throughout the period of conversation with him.
  • In the case of strong attraction and intense interest, we find that the eyebrows or one of them rises automatically during the conversation.
  • The look is also calm, romantic to a large extent and noticeable.
  • In most cases, the gaze is long and uninterrupted, because continuity and constancy are what distinguishes the gaze of loved ones.

The difference in the language of love

Naturally, the language of the eyes in psychology differs in the case of love from a man to a woman and vice versa, depending on the different personalities. Each of them has a different way of showing his love and feelings, as follows:

The language of the eyes in a woman’s silent love

A woman is a very sensitive creature, and he is shy at the same time, so in the case of love she tends to express her feelings in a delicate manner consistent with her femininity, but it does not contradict her instinct and her modesty, in addition to that if she loves sincerely, she hates to be the initiator, so we see her suffice To give her lover a gentle smile with an ordinary shy look, instead of declaring her love or surrendering to him.

The language of the eyes in the silent love of a man

The nature of a man tends to be bold and daring, and he likes clarity and stays away from complexity, and when a man falls in love, he prefers to state the matter directly, and his looks are characterized by stability and are long and insightful, and often the man prefers to initiate the woman and declare his love, because he considers shyness An adjective inconsistent with his strong nature.[3]

A man’s actions when he hates his girlfriend

How to understand the language of the eyes in admiration

Admiration is the first step that knocks on the door of the heart, and then a person can enter and even sit on the throne of the entire heart. Scientists have been working on explaining the secrets of the language of the eyes in the case of admiration, while studying the language of the eyes in psychology, and the language of the eyes in the state of admiration can be understood through the following :

  • In most cases, the gaze of the eye in admiration tends to be relatively long, as it is permeated with stability and silence, as if the person wants the world to be devoid of everything except the party he admires, so that he can examine his features as much as possible.
  • Not turning a blind eye when the eyes meet, but the person seizes the opportunity as if he was waiting for it, and thus is keen to look into the eyes of the other party more and more.
  • The look is remarkably calm and romantic.
  • This is in addition to the fact that shyness is the master of the situation. Despite the person’s desire to look into the eye of the lover, these looks cause a kind of shyness that appears in the form of confusion in words or blushing in the cheeks.
  • Sometimes the language of the eyes is accompanied by some voluntary movements, such as fiddling with tufts of hair, as well as interlacing fingers.
  • Pursue the beloved with looks and follow him wherever he goes and wherever he is.
  • If the person is very shy, you may find them snatching a glance and then looking back.

Top tips for improving eye contact

By getting to know the language of the eyes in psychology, it is necessary to provide some tips that will improve visual communication between people of different races and ages. According to psychologists, these tips are summarized as follows:

  • Eye contact should be a basic and initial step before starting a conversation with the other party.
  • The balanced ratio theory should also be embraced, which means that eye contact should not be less than 50% of the time value while talking with someone, and that it should not be less than 70% of the total time when listening.
  • And when it is not possible to communicate in the language of the eyes, it is preferable to start the purposeful training by looking at least 4 seconds in the person’s eyes directly, or the number of seconds that can determine the color of his eyes.
  • But if you find it very difficult or difficult to look directly, you can look at his facial features close to the eye, such as the eyebrows and nose, and then practice quick peeks.

The Language of Eyes in Psychology Pdf

After talking about the language of eyes in psychology, and in order for the conversation to be as distinctive and fruitful as possible, care was taken to provide everything that would help to identify and understand the personalities of others, in the hope of strengthening bonds and creating an atmosphere of intimacy and love with others, and for the important role that Books play a role in understanding different personality styles. The book The Language of Eyes in Psychology can be viewed or downloaded “from here”.[5]

At the end of our article, we have talked about The language of eyes in psychology This is in addition to talking in detail about the most important connotations that the eyes carry in general and the different looks in particular, after learning about the meaning of the language of the eyes and analyzing the characters through the shape of the eyes.